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The West Ashley Outboard Motor Club (WAOMC) was officially chartered by the Secretary of State in 1957. Several men led by Charles Andrews, member # 1, organized a group of boaters for the purpose of establishing a safe location for the launching and landing of power boats. 


The first location was at Wappoo Cut between Charleston and James Island.  The county took over the site and the club moved to Buzzards Roost.  An opportunity came available for the present location near Limehouse Bridge over 25 years ago.  Tremendous appreciation goes to the McLeod family for helping establish the club at the present location. 



WAOMC has been a supporter of charitable causes since inception.  The first organization to receive help was the Charles Webb Center.  Over the years, WAOMC has donated over $100,000.00 to charity.  We donate over seven thousand dollars each year to charitable causes. 


The goal of WAOMC is to promote boating safety, education and knowledge for the benefit of all who enjoy the water. We strive to provide a safe family atmosphere for our members. Each prospective member must pass a safety inspection given by the Coast Guard Auxiliary before joining.

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